Beauty Blog Not Off To A Daily Start

I apologize for the not-so-daily start to my daily blog. I had the most wonderful Father’s Day weekend. I then spent all night Sunday, all day Monday and all night Monday creating my weekly vlog from the footage; getting only a couple of two-hour naps during that time span. The 30 minute movie is currently being uploaded to YouTube and will appear on my channel tonight at: I encourage you to visit my YouTube channel, click “Like” on videos you enjoy, and please comment and subscribe for future episodes. I worked very hard on the Father’s Day special and am particularly proud of it.

This recent series of events had me contemplating how sleep affects beauty. I am the antithesis of Sleeping Beauty. People tell me all the time that I look younger than my age. I take reasonably good care of myself, however, sleep is always a challenge. Either I am too involved in a project to stop (like this weekend’s vlog), too excited over whatever I have going on to shut my brain off, etc, etc. And while it seems that I am taking it all in stride, that I look no worse for the wear, I am certain that it takes little increments off of my years. It is the fine balance between living the life you want to live and taking care of yourself. Tonight and tomorrow night should be good for sleep. However, Thursday night will no doubt be a late night of partying after the Living Colour concert.

Stress + no sleep = stressed out skin that isn’t afraid to show it. Fact.

So I feel that the best approach to sleep is the same as the best approach to anything in life; prioritization and balance. Do what you can to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes other priorities won’t allow that much sleep and other times it won’t be an issue. Just be aware and if you find that you are not getting enough sleep for an extended period of time; reassess the situation. It’s also important to follow best-sleep practices when you do prepare to hit the hay. This article from Cosmopolitan provides a succinct article of good recommendations.


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  1. femme rewritten · June 20, 2017

    No apology needed! A post a day can be quite hard! Try a post a week first! Thanks for sharing!
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | 🌻✨

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