The Ass Blog


Welcome to the blog! Looney Tunes did not get censored when I was a kid so neither should I.

The ass is the ego. The ass does not exist. Beauty is all encompassing. Beauty is not a thing; it just is. The beauty of life is life itself and life itself is nothing more than a state of being; a state of being which cannot be labeled or identified without sacrificing the beauty of life. Hence the state of being is not, in fact, a state of being, but rather it simply is.

I drank a bottle of wine before school today.

As I get older life seems to have less meaning, probably because the illusion of meaning is ever fading away, exposing life for what it is; a meaningless void.

I cannot remember what I did, so I cannot remember what it was that I was going to do. But time is an illusion so all of that becomes irrelevant; further decomposing the facade that is the meaning of life.

I’m going to take a nap now.


So I’m starting a blog

I have a vlog on YouTube which has been a blast to create! If you haven’t seen my channel yet, visit and check out the vids!

My name is Erique Fabuleux and I’m into beauty. I’m a barber-cosmetologist-hairdresser-landscaper-gardener-musician-movie creator, turned blogger.

In this blog, I will be uploading daily articles regarding my perspective on beauty, product reviews, fashions and trends live from New York. If you’re into pop-culture, and the latest and greatest in beauty, please subscribe to this blog. You won’t regret it!