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Welcome to the blog! Looney Tunes did not get censored when I was a kid so neither should I.

The ass is the ego. The ass does not exist. Beauty is all encompassing. Beauty is not a thing; it just is. The beauty of life is life itself and life itself is nothing more than a state of being; a state of being which cannot be labeled or identified without sacrificing the beauty of life. Hence the state of being is not, in fact, a state of being, but rather it simply is.

I drank a bottle of wine before school today.

As I get older life seems to have less meaning, probably because the illusion of meaning is ever fading away, exposing life for what it is; a meaningless void.

I cannot remember what I did, so I cannot remember what it was that I was going to do. But time is an illusion so all of that becomes irrelevant; further decomposing the facade that is the meaning of life.

I’m going to take a nap now.


(In)Convenient Drive-thru Beauty

It has become increasingly obvious to me, that my life is largely effected by my weekly videos at YouTube.

And that’s ok, to a point, but it has become increasingly obvious that I need to manage the rest of my life around my hobby(s) a little more effectively. For example, I accumulate footage throughout the week for my videos, but a lot of the best stuff comes from the weekend. Because of this, I am often up through the entire night Sunday. Being a professional barber/ cosmetologist, I have Mondays off so this isn’t so bad, though after my sleep deprivation and an all-to-brief nap, I often indulge in a bottle of merlot or cabernet sauvignon. These are red wines and are somewhat healthy and contain healthful/ youthful antioxidants, etc.

Monday I will get through and the wine. Tuesday, I am trying to get out of bed and kick it into gear. Uh oh, I didn’t cook/ pack any food. Guess I’ll swing through the McD’s drive-thru. And while I am still 1000 calories or so away from my 2600 calorie daily allotment after those two double quarter pounder with cheese sandwiches thanks to the BOGO offer in my iPhone app, and even though I can square up my marcos by only consuming protein for the remainder of the day and steering clear of fats and carbs, I thought to myself, “I bet this is no good for beauty!”

This men’s health article lists the plethora of chronic health ailments and beauty assaults that fast food can increase your risk for: Of course, though few and far between, there are fast food options that are healthy(er), but what fun is that?

I don’t eat fast food all the time, maybe not even every week, but I do know that I will work extra hard to get those macros on point today and will be putting in a little extra at the gym!